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    What Travelers Really Want From Their Mobile Experiences [Blog]

    by Usablenet

    Nobody travels without their smartphone, but to what extent do travelers truly rely on their mobile devices when researching their trips, booking their flights and accommodations, traveling to their destinations, enjoying their trip, and sharing the experience after they return home? The answer, as it turns out, is complex, encompassing both the diverse emotional states that people are in at every stage of the travel experience, and their concerns about – and capabilities of – the user experience that mobile travel sites offer.

    Usablenet conducted research to uncover the emotions, behaviors, and experiences of travelers as they relate to different stages of the process. In this webinar we review key considerations and strategies to ensure a great mobile experience at every stage of the travel journey.

    Benefits of watching this webinar include:

    • Insight into the 5 mobile stages of travel
    • The impact of a travelers emotions during their entire journey
    • UX actions travel brands can take to ensure a successful experience for their consumer

    Be sure to also download our 6 Tips checklist to evaluate your current mobile travel experience. 

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