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    Are you Afraid of Website A11y?

    by Usablenet

    Do you like scary movies?

    If so, and you're just starting to consider how and when to make your website accessible, this post is for you!

    Enjoy, and Happy Halloween from UsableNet!

    "You've created a monster"

    This is how you can feel when you run your first automated accessibility test or receive an audit. Today's websites can have a lot of pages, content and elements, all of which may be creating issues for users for assistive technology. Some examples include: 

    • Images and alt text. Fallback text is essential for users of screen readers, who may not be able to see graphical elements.
    • Icons. Icons are nearly ubiquitous in online retail, but accessible views will hide them from screen readers and instead use span tags with fallback text.
    • Forms. Many common functions of an e-commerce site require forms—leaving a comment or review, signing up for a newsletter, even checking out. Labeling each field with text-based instructions can be an easy way to achieve accessibility.
    • Tables. Headers and labels within a table can be customized with text, making them accessible to screen readers.
    • Pricing display. Conveying prices clearly is essential for successful e-commerce. Avoid superscript and use span tags to display cents on the dollar.
    • Color contrast. Proper pairing of background image and text is a key component of a universally accessible site.

    "We all go a little Mad sometimes." 

    Okay, this line is a bit a of a stretch. But we'd at least argue that if you are ignoring the business case for web accessibility you might be a little mad for two reasons: 

    1. You could be missing out on a significant amount of business.
      Over a billion people are estimated to live with some form of disability, which can include blindness, deafness, and a variety of others. This corresponds to about 15 percent of the world's population. 
    2. You could also be putting your business at risk for a lawsuit. 
      ADA Web lawsuits increased 181% in 2018. By midyear 2019, the rate of lawsuits filed in federal courts related to website and app accessibility hit a rate of one-an-hour, that’s 8 a day, 40 per week on pace to be more than 2,000 lawsuits in 2019. 
      Download the full report here >>

    "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

    UsableNet client Soludos hired UsableNet to conduct an accessibility audit on it’s newly minted Shopify website. After receiving the results of the audit and reviewing them the company knew it needed more help with accessibility than what it’s existing resources could provide. In other words, it needed a bigger boat. 

    Soludos switched to the fully managed UsableNet Assistive service and leveraged it to make its Shopify Website ADA accessible, read the fully case study here.

    Are your afraid of Website A11y?

    While we understand that it can seem intimidating to get started, Website accessibility is nothing to be afraid of and the UsableNet team of Accessibility experts is here to help. 

    With UsableNet AQA, we enable your teams to do the work and UsableNet has technology and services to support your efforts. Or if you prefer, UsableNet can do all the work for you through dynamic remediation and UsableNet Assistive

    There are no shortcuts in Website accessibility, but the right technology partner can make it a little less scary. 

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