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    Retail industry becomes top target for ada lawsuits [blog]

    Over the past 12 months we’ve seen ADA web accessibility lawsuits reach an alarming high across major industries, and weekly updates show no sign of this trend slowing. Advocates ...
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    13 Questions to Ask Your Website Agency About Web Accessibility Guidelines [Blog]

    Your website is the digital version of your brochure and business card all rolled into one. It’s how people recognize you on the internet. What do you want people to say about ...
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    4 Steps To Take in NY or FL Re: Your Website Accessibility Lawsuit [Blog]

    If you operate a business in New York or Florida, you might have noticed an alarming trend: there’s been a rise in website accessibility lawsuits against businesses. It could only ...
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    Automated Testing is Not Enough for Web Accessibility ADA Compliance [Blog]

    Over 80% of WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria requires Manual Review and 100% of the new WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria will require the same. By Giacomo Petri and Christian Federici
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    10 Steps To Take After Receiving an ADA Demand Letter on Website Accessibility [Blog]

    Don’t worry you are not alone; it is estimated that thousands of companies will receive ADA demand letters during 2018 as the DOJ have pulled back from establishing clear ...
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    Integrating Accessibility Into Your Development Lifecycle [Blog]

    Website accessibility has been an important issue for almost 20 years, but has recently come into the spotlight due to the increasing necessity of the internet. It's obvious why ...
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    Digital Accessibility Initiative [Checklist]

    This checklist lays out all of the steps and best practices you should consider when planning your digital accessibility initiative. 
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    Digital Accessibility in Travel is Not a Luxury [Blog]

    Over the past few decades the way in which we plan, search, book, and purchase travel has shifted dramatically. Thanks in large part to the expansion of the internet, the smart ...
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    Business Case for Web Accessibility in 2017 [Infographic]

    Have you ever checked to see how accessible your website is to people with disabilities?
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