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    Peak Readiness Testing: Will Your Site be Ready? [Video]

    by Usablenet

    What does Peak season mean to your brand? Is it Black Friday, Christmas Holidays, Back-to-School, or Mother’s Day? Regardless of when it is, one thing is for certain: your sites and apps need to be ready for a huge increase in traffic that could lead to sales.

    According to IBM, in 2015 online retail sales for Black Friday increased 21.5%, and 17.8% on Cyber Monday. To capture some of this sales revenue it is of utmost importance that your sites and apps are highly usable across a wide range of devices and operating systems, as well as be fully accessible to all potential customers. 

    Are you confident that your sites or apps are ready and will deliver a great experience for all your users during the upcoming Peak holiday period? Join industry experts, Clara McClenon, Michele Lucchini, and Jason Taylor from Usablenet as they divulge into the world of Usability, Functional testing and Web Accessibility testing and why you need to take notice now!


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