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    Take the Holiday Accessibility Challenge

    by Usablenet

    This year our most well attended Webinars were part of a two-part series on what ADA Accessibility means for a blind user navigating a new website. The presentations featured Joe DiNero. Joe is an Assistive Technology Specialist at Helen Keller Service for the Blind and the Lead Digital Accessibility Tester for UsableNet. Joe is also legally blind and uses assistive technology everyday to help him navigate online.

    After the live sessions we heard from many of our regular blog subscribers and even some clients that it was the first time that they felt what it might be like to navigate a Website without the use of sight, as Joe does.

    Read a blog post summarizing Joe's experience during the first Webinar here.

    In the Webinars, Joe talks a lot about how he navigates with his assistive technology. And it's nothing new from what we've covered here in the past. He relies heavily on headings. He needs full descriptions. Rather than use a mouse, he uses keyboard commands- it's a lot of "tabbing."

    Watch the Webinar, A Blind User's Experience Part 2: The Good, The Bad and What Makes the Difference," on-demand now.

    This week Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season. As you shop online for your loved ones and visit new sites and those that you frequent, we challenge you to take the Holiday Accessibility Challenge: Make just one of your holiday purchases as Joe does with his assistive technology. This means relying only on keyboard controls to navigate and rely on product descriptions, not pictures to find the items you want to purchase. Then share your experience with #holidaya11ychallenge

    From the A11y Project: How to navigate using just your keyboard

    That's it. You don't need to go so far as to use assistive technology. But we encourage you to turn on voice over or similar to listen and follow your actions. For sighted users, we hope this helps to further raise awareness of the experience Joe and other members of the disability community have when they go online. 

    Need inspiration? We had a member of our SDR team get us started. Watch now. 

    video of sighted person discussing their experience


    We'll be posting more of these on our youtube channel and sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in. Take the holiday accessibility challenge this shopping season with us. 

    Share your experience and challenge others to do the same with #holidaya11ychallenge.

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