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    Ten Tips to Create Frictionless Mobile Experiences [Blog]

    by UsableNet

    In today's world of online commerce, mobile is an essential channel for brands because it influences each stage of a customer's path to purchase. Whether it's a retail shopper buying a product or a business buyer re-ordering inventory, customers always have their mobile devices on hand. 

    Many factors, such as a lack of transparency and usability issues, contribute to the average cart abandonment rate of around 68%. Brands need to determine how to increase usability of their mobile experiences by reducing friction and enabling mobile buyers with intuitive features and functionality.

    Our CMO, Carin Van Vuuren, explores how UX mistakes can hinder conversion rates on mobile, and provides ten important usability strategies that developers and brands can use to improve the user experience.

    Read the full blog, Ten Tips to Create Frictionless Mobile Experiences, published by Mobile Marketing Magazine.

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