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    by UsableNet

    The benefits of a well-executed marketing plan are many, but to realize them CMOs must first ensure their strategies and tactics are right.

    In this week's edition of "CMO Wants To Know," seven executives cite areas where their fellow marketers might be missing the mark. Read on to find out some common mistakes—and hopefully avoid them yourself. 

    Carin Van Vuuren, Chief Marketing Officer, Usablenet, told
    I think one of the biggest mistakes marketers make is their approach to mobile. They often have the mistaken mind-set that mobile is "just another channel." The importance of mobile cannot be overstated: it should be the first medium for any message. I've also noticed a lack of focus on personalization in mobile content. Customers are drowning in information, but desperately lacking in relevant experiences. Marketers should be using big data to ensure personalization and delivery of relevant messages. 

    We live in a time now where marketing budgets are tight and teams have shrunk, but many marketers make the mistake of inside-out thinking and simply achieving cost-efficiency. We must remain focused on brand- and customer-first thinking and invest in technology that will ensure a seamless customer experience.

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