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    Website Magazine: 5 Surprising Sites Using Adaptive Web Design [Blog]

    The debate between having a dedicated mobile optimized website and one using responsive Web design has been alive and well for quite some time now. More recently, conversations ...
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    Shift To User-Centered Design If You Want Your Brand To Succeed In Mobile [Blog]

    The speed of mobile adoption and ever-rising customer expectations, driven by technology are changing the way brands compete today. Mobile has become consumer’s preferred medium ...
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    Four Principles that Guide Design for Mobile [White Paper]

    UX is a key differentiator in mobile experiences. One of the best ways to create customer delight is to provide an exceptional user experience across channels, products and ...
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    Mobile Utilities Week Conference: Key Takeaways [Blog]

    The value for utilities in optimizing their customers’ mobile interactions is clear. 54% of smartphone owners access utility information on their utility’s website, and J.D. Power ...
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    Digital Marketing Magazine: The Importance of User-Centered Design [Blog]

    If you decide to engage with a brand today, the chances are you will be doing it on your mobile. So what happens when you have a poor experience while you’re on the move? You’re ...
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    Best UX: What to Focus on? [Blog]

    In a world where first impressions mean everything and one in five millennials will only wait two seconds for a mobile site to load, it’s more important than ever that brands ...
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    4 Principles that Guide Design for Mobile Experiences (Part 2) [Video]

    A bad or inconsistent UX can turn off a user immediately, while a satisfying UX experience can create a lifelong customer. However, we should not be satisfied with just satisfying ...
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