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    UsableNet Executive Discusses Website Accessibility with UPI

    by Usablenet

    Jason Taylor, Chief Innovation Strategist at weighed in on how the uptick in ADA lawsuits is raising awareness of Website accessibility in a story from United Press International (UPI)

    "The general public is very unaware [of the website access issues], but it's easy for a person to quickly feel empathy when you explain that the majority of blind users cannot do what you and I take for granted every day," Jason Taylor told UPI. "The mainstream technology press has a big part to play to ensure that [the ADA] and accessibility get the priority they deserve and lawsuits," Taylor added. 

    The story notes that Website Accessibility Claims are based around the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act which does not specify how Websites should be made accessible. The UsableNet Webinar, "How to Manage and Defend Web Accessibility Claims," discusses the basis for ADA website claims as well as the current state of the law and the continuing split in the circuit courts on key issues. Watch it on-demand.

    Taylor is quoted speaking about the eagerness of companies who receive these claims to improve website accessibility. Using solutions like UsableNet Assistive, companies can improve website accessibility within weeks.

    "They are very responsive," Taylor said. "No companies really want to create barriers to customers and our clients are typically surprised how hard their sites are to use, and quickly look to understand and remedy the situation."

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