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    Usablenet to Present UX Best Practices, User Trends for Enterprise at Mobile Government Summit [Blog]

    by UsableNet

    The average consumer now spends more than 3 hours a day engaged with content on mobile, with much of this time spent within apps. Many brands have taken note and prioritized apps and mobile websites to provide strong customer service and stellar experiences. However, most companies have been slow to embrace the value of mobile for their own workforces.

    As we overwhelmingly turn to mobile as consumers (for more than 60% of mobile users, their devices are their primary or exclusive source to access the Internet), why do enterprise mobile experiences lag behind? In the rare situations where enterprise mobile experiences do exist, why are they so often slower and uglier than consumer-facing counterparts?

    With the majority of the modern workforce now bringing their own devices to the office on a daily basis and conditioned to think mobile-first as consumers, the enterprise must start offering the same convenience and functionality to its workers as it does to its customers.

    On March 17th, we’ll be tackling this subject at the Mobile Government Summit in London. Our “User trends that will improve the experience and drive usage of your Enterprise App” seminar will explore how user behaviors affect enterprise mobility strategy, with insights on how organizations can create effective mobile experiences. We’ll be highlighting the consumer trends driving mobile traffic and how to best implement these practices into Enterprise applications.

    Attendees can stop by booth 12 to learn more how we helped brands like Royal Mail, the Post Office and Severn Trent Water best leverage mobile, even while constrained by budgets, resources and legacy technology. See you there!

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