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    Boost Customer Engagement: How Dressbarn Took Control of Mobile [Video]

    by UsableNet

    While every brand aims to achieve a great customer experience, many of the most successful brands are betting on mobile. Marketers must find new and interesting ways to incorporate mobile into their customer strategy and offer great experiences across all channels. 

    Dressbarn understands this challenge. It recently launched Dressbar an extension of their brand, giving their customers the full experience to shop dresses and offering a new level of access to current Dressbarn loyalists using mobile. However, launching a brand-within-a-brand across multiple screens posed a challenge. Dressbarn didn’t have the resources it needed to build a fully optimized experience. As mobile would be integral to their success, Dressbarn needed a cost efficient solution that would help them launch fully on mobile, quickly.

    Key focus areas of the discussion:

    • An overview of the Dressbar journey to mobile
    • The goals and challenges associated with launching an extension of a brand on mobile 
    • Successes and key takeaways from the experience

    To learn more about the Dressbarn journey, access a recording of the live event below. 

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