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    Why include the disability community in your Web Accessibility Program

    Digital accessibility has been moving to the forefront of priorities for many businesses recently, especially given the rise of digital ADA lawsuits. And as digital accessibility ...
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    3 Top Retail Trends (And how to make them accessible)

    The number of online shoppers increased exponentially during the pandemic from a little over 40% to around 80% in 2021. With shelter-in-place orders and global uncertainty, we ...
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    Retail is the Number One Industry Targeted by ADA Lawsuits

    "Retail is the Number-One Industry Targeted by ADA Website Lawsuits," you can now check out the new Executive Viewpoint published in Retail TouchPoints.  The story is based on ...
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    How Technology Improves Inclusion (And Where Work is Still Needed)

    We've said goodbye to another Disability Pride month, at least until next year. Yet, just because we are no longer in July doesn't mean we should stop thinking about disability or ...
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    Disability Pride Month: The Origins of Assistive Technology

    Editor's Note: Thanks to UsableNet's Intern, Lily Mordaunt for contributing this post in honor of Disability Pride month. You can read more about Lily in her other blogs published ...
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    Battle in the Courts: An Update on ADA & the Web for Business Leaders

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turns 32 this month! 
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    Best Practices for Structuring and Designing Accessible E-mails

    We've heard that crafting the right e-mail means sending the right message to the right person at the right time, but what if the e-mail is inaccessible to the user? We have ...
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    What's Happening with Digital Accessibility in 2022

    Digital accessibility has been a big topic for many brands over the past few years—every organization with a digital web presence to make digital inclusion and accessibility an ...
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    Traveling When You're Blind: The Importance of Digital Accessibility

    Editor's Note: The following is a new guest blog from the UsableNet Intern, Lily Mordaunt. Last weekend was Independence Day Weekend, the busiest holiday weekend according to AAA. ...
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