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    How Many People Need My Website to be Usable and Accessible?

    Amazon's Alexa, dark mode, captions, Google image search – what do all these things have in common?
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    Five Glaring Accessibility Issues I Face When Shopping Online

    My younger sister and I both got the shopping gene from our mother. We love rummaging through the sales racks or checking out NYC thrift shops. However, we spend even more time ...
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    10 Tips on How to Build Accessible Digital Forms (Guest Blog)

    As a student, I fill out digital forms on a weekly basis. Whether they represent class opinion surveys, a school talent show registration, or entries for a Broadway ticket ...
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    Improving your Website's SEO and Accessibility With Alt Text

    Alt text — is it a technique you use with your own website images? Or a nagging task that remains on your to-do list? Do you know enough to start? Perhaps, you're not even sure ...
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    Accessible Social Media Practices for Your Brand

    You're on Instagram about to publish a post, and you go down your social media checklist... Lighting? Gorgeous. Outfit? On point. Caption? Clever. But wait! Before you hit "Done," ...
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    Top 8 Accessibility Issues to Avoid on Your Website (Guest Blog)

    As a legally blind individual, I’ve grappled with my own accessibility nuisances for most of my life (check out my blogs on how I use assistive technology and my phone for ...
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    Designing an Accessible Digital Menu for Your Restaurant (Guest Blog)

    I come from a "foodie" family. I've never had the chance to be a picky eater; as a kid, my two favorite foods were broccoli rabe and smoked salmon. Yes, I was strange. Along with ...
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    UsableNet is now a Microassist Partner

    UsableNet is teaming up with Microassist to offer an integrated approach to digital accessibility for organizations across government, education, and private industry sectors!
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    A Beginner's Crash Course in Digital Accessibility Topics

    ADA, WCAG 2.0 vs. 2.1, AODA - overwhelming much? If the task of digital accessibility compliance feels daunting, don't give up just yet! Digital accessibility isn't a simple ...
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