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Common Accessibility Challenges On Coffee Shop Websites

The coffee shop craze is taking the food industry by storm, boasting over 35,000 establishments across the US. Whether it's a morning pick-me-up or a refreshing iced tea, these ...

Web Accessibility, User Experience, Restaurants

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What is Manual WCAG Website Accessibility Testing? (And Why It Matters)

This post was originally published in February 2023 and updated in April 2024. At UsableNet, we speak with many companies that believe in accessibility. But they struggle to ...

QA Testing, Accessibility Testing

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Exploring AI's Role in Accessibility and Inclusion

In the wake of ChatGPT, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential use cases, ranging from marketing to customer service to image and video creation. ...

Web Accessibility, AI

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Advancing Mobile App Accessibility: 3 Key Improvements

Today, I want to highlight an often-overlooked aspect of digital accessibility: mobile application accessibility. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Additionally, many ...

Web Accessibility, User Experience

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Make the Most of Your Time at The CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

The CSUN Assistive Technology Conference (CSUN ATC 2024) starts Monday. This conference brings together accessibility professionals, disability advocates, and international ...

Accessibility-First Culture

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3 Real Examples of Improved Accessibility on Clothing Websites

One area of retail in which online sales are becoming increasingly prevalent is clothing and apparel. The first time I wrote about online clothing shopping sites, I discussed ...

Web Accessibility, Retail

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Web Accessibility: A Guide for Restaurants in 2024

As more diners turn to online platforms to browse menus, place orders, and make reservations, accessibility for your restaurant's digital content has become paramount in 2024. ...

Web Accessibility, Restaurants

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My Gym Membership Purchase: A Web Accessibility Review

If you're a website owner, developer, accessibility advocate, or simply someone interested in creating more inclusive online experiences, this blog post is a must-read. In this ...
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Hotel Website Accessibility: A Blind User's Journey

In my last post, I wrote about an accessibility disaster I experienced when trying to help someone purchase airline tickets online. Again, I will be assisting that person with ...

Web Accessibility

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