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Mobile Accessibility: A Positive Online Grocery Experience

One of my favorite aspects of the holiday season is the variety of sweets and treats my family enjoys during the festivities. When I discovered that my mother was planning to make ...

User Experience, mobile accessibility

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Banking When Blind: The Importance of App and Web Accessibility

I am one of the 78% of Americans who does their banking online. I also happen to be one of the. 1 in 4 with a disability. I have been fortunate to have had, for the most part, ...

Web Accessibility, mobile accessibility, Financial Services

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How to Apply WCAG to Mobile (Webinar Recap)

When you’re looking through the WCAG 2.1, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed with the requirements and how they apply to mobile accessibility.

Mobile Apps, UX Research & Design, mobile accessibility

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More than Selfies: How I Use my Phone for Accessibility (Guest Post)

Editor's Note: We are delighted to share this post in our series by UsableNet's Spring Marketing Intern, Brielle Cayer. Read more about Brielle in her first post, "Assistive ...

Mobile Apps, User Experience, mobile accessibility

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