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    15 Web Accessibility Facts Every Company Should Know

    If you’re advocating for digital accessibility at your company, you probably have encountered the same, popular figures. For example, it’s common to frequently read about the ...
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    Remember Invisible Disabilities in Web Accessibility (Guest Blog)

    I’ve adored the theater since I was in diapers. At age five, my favorite movie was The Sound of Music. I’d exhaust its VHS tape, kneeling in front of the television absolutely ...
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    UsableNet to receive 'Access-Ability Award' from Helen Keller Services

    At UsableNet, we have something extra to celebrate during this year’s DeafBlind Awareness Week! On June 30th, UsableNet will be honored alongside Microsoft, Be My Eyes, and others ...
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    Shopify Plus and Accessibility: 3 Things to Know

    Over 1.7 million businesses from 175 countries trust Shopify to host their store. Even more, 10,000 brands use Shopify Plus, which their site calls “the only cost-effective ...
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    Why Digital Accessibility Should Be Part of Your Brand’s DNA

    Digital accessibility, even in 2021,  is often treated by many brands as an afterthought. Yet, your digital accessibility initiative should be more than meeting legal requirements ...
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    How to Improve Web Accessibility (A Guide to Getting Started)

    Unless your company has an accessibility advocate who is familiar with the WCAG 2.1 before you build your website, you may suffer that struck-over-the-head moment where you ...
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    Web Accessibility Standards Your Digital Assets Need

    Digital accessibility and inclusiveness are imperative - up to 71 percent of people living with disabilities will leave a site that’s not fully accessible or difficult to ...
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    How to Find a Web Accessibility Partner (And Skip the Widgets)

    From YouTube videos by well-known accessibility advocates to a web developer's meticulous analysis of a leading overlay vendor, the public outcry and criticism of accessibility ...
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    The UsableNet Team Shares Our Thoughts on Digital Accessibility

    To celebrate today’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day, UsableNet took the opportunity to reach out to major voices with varying perspectives in the accessibility industry and ...
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