ADA digital accessibility lawsuits rise to 10 a day. Read our 2021 end-of-year report.

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    Winn-Dixie Wins ADA Lawsuit but Chooses Web Accessibility

    For the better part of the past two decades, it’s been a well-established legal argument that organization's websites and Apps were covered under the Americans with Disabilities ...
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    An Essential Resource for Shopify Plus Merchants on Web Accessibility

    As a proud Shopify Plus Service Partner, UsableNet is delighted to share our website’s new essential resource for Shopify Plus merchants, Web Accessibility for Shopify Plus ...
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    5 Common Digital Accessibility Issues to Avoid (Guest Post)

    Editor's Note: We are delighted to share the second post in our series by UsableNet's Spring Marketing Intern, Brielle Cayer. Read more about Brielle in her first post, "Assistive ...
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    Assistive Technology: What Is It and How it Helps Me (Guest Post)

    Growing up as a young girl with significant visual impairment, I would’ve believed that I was the only person living with such challenges. On the contrary, the International ...
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    Web Accessibility: Common Issues & Who Addresses Them

    Accessibility is something that all team members should be considering, with an across-the-board approach to ensure that users with disabilities are able to get the help they need ...
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    Your Digital Accessibility Roadmap [Webinar Wrap-Up]

    Creating and maintaining a fully accessible online presence isn’t like flipping a switch; it’s often a journey that requires constant and ongoing effort from an organization.  If ...
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    UsableNet Unveils Innovative ADA Monitoring Service

    At UsableNet, we often find companies have invested some time and resources into the hard work required to make their digital assets accessible.  Yet, maintenance, especially in ...
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    How to Optimize Your Digital Accessibility Program (And Why You Should)

    Editor's Note: This blog is a summary of our Webinar, How to Optimize your Digital Accessibility Program to Defend against ADA lawsuits, featuring speaker Kara Hilburger, Member, ...
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    What Is Web Accessibility? The Basics to Get You Started

    Although web accessibility has been a big buzzword in the tech community over the past few years, it is still a relatively new concept. For many people—especially those not ...
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