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    7 facts your ecommerce company should know about ADA web lawsuits

    For companies selling consumer goods online in 2023, digital accessibility on your app, desktop, and mobile website is essential for all your customers to order from you. In ...
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    Five years of ADA web and app lawsuits - key observations and trends

    UsableNet has now been tracking digital accessibility lawsuits for five years. When we first reported filings in 2018- cases had risen 181% from the previous year. We knew ADA ...
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    2022 ADA Lawsuit Report: Insights for Business Leaders

    Every year, we look at ADA lawsuit filings to assess what’s happening with digital accessibility lawsuits and how businesses can be proactive about lawsuit mitigation. With our ...
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    Battle in the Courts: An Update on ADA & the Web for Business Leaders

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turns 32 this month! 
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    What's Happening with Digital Accessibility in 2022

    Digital accessibility has been a big topic for many brands over the past few years—every organization with a digital web presence to make digital inclusion and accessibility an ...
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    6 ADA Web Accessibility Trends Revealed in our Mid-Year 2022 Report

    We just published our mid-year ADA web and App report created by the UsableNet research team reviewing all lawsuits filed in federal courts under the ADA and California state ...
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    UsableNet launches ADA Accessibility Lawsuit Tracker

    At UsableNet, we've just launched a monthly ADA Accessibility Lawsuit Tracker to report any claims against a website, mobile app, or video content filed in federal court under the ...
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    What Is an Accessibility Statement and How Do You Write One?

    What is an accessibility statement? An accessibility statement on your website tells your community of users about your commitment to web accessibility. Within that special ...
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    2021 Year End Report - App & Web Accessibility Lawsuits Break Records

    Our annual report is out and below are the highlighted trends we are seeing along with some color behind the numbers. This report is now in its fourth year and is published twice ...
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