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    How a Blind Person uses a Website

    We all know that digital accessibility is important, but have you ever watched a person who is blind or who has visual impairments use a computer or website? Are you sure that ...
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    What Is WCAG 2.1 and Why You Should Adopt it ASAP

      The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are the de facto industry standard for website accessibility. The WCAG details what criteria you need to meet in order to make ...
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    How to Conduct WCAG Training Across Your Organization [Blog]

    One of the largest barriers organizations face when addressing digital accessibility is awareness throughout the company. From the C-suite to the marketing department, everyone ...
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    3 Critical WCAG 2.1 Video Best Practices and How to Apply Them

    More than ever, companies are using video content to convey brand messages and build mindshare with customers. The proliferation of social media marketing channels such as ...
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    5 WCAG Best Practices for Maintaining Web Accessibility

    You’ve spent an enormous amount of time and money making sure your digital environments and content are accessible for users with disabilities. But after you’ve finished building ...
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    Proposed Online Accessibility Act - Three Key Takeaways

    A new bi-partisan bill was proposed on Thursday, Oct 1 to regulate website and app accessibility lawsuits, The Online Accessibility Act. 
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    How to Avoid an FHA Lawsuit for your website

    When most businesses think about websites and accessibility-related lawsuits, the first thing that obviously comes to mind will be claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act ...
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    Inclusive Accessibility Crushes Widgets and Overlays

    Accessibility widgets and overlays promise of a quick fix to a 20 year old challenge is appealing to businesses, and it’s understandable. But it's also too good to be true. You ...
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    6 Tips for Testing and Maintaining ADA Compliance with Screen Readers

    Most companies that seek to make their digital environments and content accessible for users with disabilities understand the critical need to account for blind users who utilize ...
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