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    Mobile App Accessibility Techniques for Inclusive Design: Part 3 [Blog]

    Though websites largely remain the focus for brands on the path to accessibility, mobile apps are also a crucial channel to consider. They drive more engagement, boost customer ...
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    Integrating Accessibility Into Your Development Lifecycle [Blog]

    Website accessibility has been an important issue for almost 20 years, but has recently come into the spotlight due to the increasing necessity of the internet. It's obvious why ...
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    Mobile App Accessibility Techniques for Inclusive Design: Part 2 [Blog]

    Even today, users with disabilities often face barriers when trying to shop, research or complete tasks on mobile apps. Those with auditory impairments often require captions or ...
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    Digital Accessibility Initiative [Checklist]

    This checklist lays out all of the steps and best practices you should consider when planning your digital accessibility initiative. 
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    Digital Accessibility in Travel is Not a Luxury [Blog]

    Over the past few decades the way in which we plan, search, book, and purchase travel has shifted dramatically. Thanks in large part to the expansion of the internet, the smart ...
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    Mobile App Accessibility Techniques for Inclusive Design: Part 1 [Blog]

    Accessibility is an important social issue that too often is overlooked, or pushed aside, in the digital world. Online, regulations are much less clear than in physical ...
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    Business Case for Web Accessibility in 2017 [Infographic]

    Have you ever checked to see how accessible your website is to people with disabilities?
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    New York colleges and universities are the latest targets for Web Accessibility Lawsuits  [Blog]

    What’s the latest? The New York Times recently reported that over the past two weeks, eight lawsuits have been filed against New York area colleges and universities, including ...
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    Industry Bites: August 2017 [Newsletter]

    In this issue: ADA's Ruling against retailer, Winn-Dixie 'Design Thinking' is the Next Frontier of Great UX and Innovation Postponed Federal Regulations Will (Inadvertently) Spur ...
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