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    Airlines & Web Accessibility - Top 3 Challenges

    With summer right around the corner, many people are booking vacation plans. It is the perfect time to discuss common accessibility problems on airline websites. Some airlines ...
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    How does a blind person shop online for furniture?

    As e-commerce becomes an increasingly integral part of the modern technological landscape, even industries that traditionally relied on brick-and-mortar sales are going digital. ...
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    Website Accessibility - 10 FAQs from our webinar with a blind shopper

    It's still early in 2023, but one of UsableNet's most popular webinars this year featured a blind presenter sharing his screen and experience while shopping on two e-commerce ...
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    Digital Accessibility: learnings from a company doing it right

    In this blog, I discuss one of my favorite retail sites that I find very accessible. I cover six critical features of the site that are important for overall accessibility and ...
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    7 facts your ecommerce company should know about ADA web lawsuits

    For companies selling consumer goods online in 2023, digital accessibility on your app, desktop, and mobile website is essential for all your customers to order from you. In ...
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    3 common web accessibility errors on clothing sites [Guest Post]

    I love to shop. Lately, I've been doing more shopping online. Browsing products, comparing options, and making online purchases are simple tasks for most sighted users. Yet, I ...
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    3 Web Accessibility Examples from a Blind Shopper (Guest post)

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are considered two of the most significant shopping events of the year. As a blind shopper, I try to take advantage of as many deals as possible, ...
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    3 Top Retail Trends (And how to make them accessible)

    The number of online shoppers increased exponentially during the pandemic from a little over 40% to around 80% in 2021. With shelter-in-place orders and global uncertainty, we ...
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    Five Glaring Accessibility Issues I Face When Shopping Online

    My younger sister and I both got the shopping gene from our mother. We love rummaging through the sales racks or checking out NYC thrift shops. However, we spend even more time ...
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