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    Perspectives from an ADA Lawyer: Practical Implications of The Winn-Dixie Lawsuit [blog]

    After the very first trial ever involving the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act to the internet, a federal district judge in Florida found that the ADA applied to ...
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    Designing for Accessibility: Eliminating Misconceptions About Inclusive Design [blog]

    Web accessibility is a legal and social imperative that is gaining traction among brands across markets worldwide. However, compliance standards remain undefined, and many ...
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    The DOJ’s Regulatory Agenda Leaves Out Web Accessibility – What This Really Means [Blog]

    This week, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) released an updated regulatory agenda, and previously-planned Website Accessibility (WA) regulations under the Americans ...
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    Ed Sheeran’s Inaccessible UK Tour Tickets Highlight the Importance of Proactive Accessibility Strategies [Blog]

    Earlier this month, Ed Sheeran fans rushed onto Ticketmaster’s website to claim their tickets to his heavily anticipated ‘÷’ concert tour. As customers scrambled to purchase ...
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    Usablenet AQA for Accessibility Design, Development and Compliance Testing [Video]

    Usablenet supports and builds digital experiences that are usable, high-performing and accessible to all users. We recognize the complexity of implementing an accessibility ...
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    A Technical Guide to Getting Started with Web Accessibility: Part 3 (Proper Naming of Links) [Blog]

    Although notable strides have been made in the movement toward accessible, inclusive web experiences, experts predict that up to 85% of websites, globally, are still not fully ...
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    A Technical Guide to Getting Started with Web Accessibility: Part 2 (WAI -ARIA Landmarks) [Blog]

    Today, by failing to meet web accessibility standards, you exclude a large portion of the population from using your digital services: a population that currently controls $8 ...
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    A Technical Guide to Getting Started with Web Accessibility: Part 1 (Alternative Text) [Blog]

    Today, one in every seven people worldwide live with a disability. In 2017, let’s assume that, by now, you’ve decided to do the right thing and make sure your website is usable, ...
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    Progressive Web Apps May (Finally) Settle the Mobile App v. Website Debate [Blog]

    Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the latest trend for companies looking to create a strong mobile presence that incorporates the best of both mobile web and app experiences. For ...
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