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    What Companies Need to Know about Italy’s Digital Accessibility Law

    The 2004 “Stanca” law is the digital accessibility law in Italy. The aim of the Stanca Law is to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to digital media. This blog ...
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    5 Myths About Web Accessibility in E-Commerce

    Originally posted July 2019 and updated in March 2022 with data from our 2021 Lawsuit report. There are compelling moral and ethical reasons for retail companies to ensure that ...
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    The Importance of Screen Reader Software for Web Navigation [Guest Blog]

    Editor's Note: We are delighted to share the first post from UsableNet's new Spring Marketing Intern, Lily Mordaunt. Lily is a graduate of Hunter College with a Bachelor's degree ...
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    Your WCAG Audit is Complete: Now what?

    You’ve taken the steps to have a WCAG audit conducted for your business. You’ve got the results back, with a list of concerns to tackle.
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    10 Accessible Web Design Examples to Model Your Site After

    As interactions and transactions continue to go digital, it is more important than ever to ensure your website, digital content, and environments are accessible to users with ...
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    2021 Year End Report - App & Web Accessibility Lawsuits Break Records

    Our annual report is out and below are the highlighted trends we are seeing along with some color behind the numbers. This report is now in its fourth year and is published twice ...
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    Website Accessibility for the Housing Industry

    All brands and businesses should be worried about accessibility, but there are special considerations that organizations in the housing industry need to take into account. This ...
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    Accessible Web Design for All Types of Vision

    When I was initially asked if I was interested in writing about my accessibility experiences for UsableNet, my first thought was "But I'm not blind enough." As silly as that ...
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    Simple Web Accessibility Fundamentals: A User Perspective

    Digital accessibility is a complex, technical topic. It often involves inevitable, dry conversations filled with acronyms, legal jargon, and complex tech lingo. While these ...
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