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How to Build a Digital Accessibility-First Company Culture

The internet has a problem. Lack of digital accessibility.

Web Accessibility, Accessibility-First Culture

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How does a blind person shop online for furniture?

As e-commerce becomes an increasingly integral part of the modern technological landscape, even industries that traditionally relied on brick-and-mortar sales are going digital. ...


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How Many People Need My Website to be Usable and Accessible?

Amazon's Alexa, dark mode, captions, Google image search – what do all these things have in common?

Web Accessibility

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5 ways hotels can improve digital accessibility (Guest Post)

As someone who thoroughly enjoys vacations, I frequently browse hotel websites. Unfortunately, navigating hotel websites as a blind person who relies on assistive technology is ...

Web Accessibility, User Experience, hospitality

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Website Accessibility - 10 FAQs from our webinar with a blind shopper

It's still early in 2023, but one of UsableNet's most popular webinars this year featured a blind presenter sharing his screen and experience while shopping on two e-commerce ...

Web Accessibility, Retail, Webinars

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Digital Accessibility: learnings from a company doing it right

In this blog, I discuss one of my favorite retail sites that I find very accessible. I cover six critical features of the site that are important for overall accessibility and ...

Web Accessibility, Retail

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ADA and Website Accessibility Recap - Q1 2023

As the old saying goes, time flies when you're raising awareness about the importance of app and website accessibility and working toward making the digital world more inclusive. ...

Web Accessibility

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Who's Who at CSUNATC 2023 (And how to find them)

The 2023 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference (CSUNATC) in Anaheim is next week! For the uninitiated, CSUNTC is the premier forum that features technology and solutions for ...

Web Accessibility, speaking, CSUNATC

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Web Accessibility Best Practices in UX

A product's user experience (UX) determines whether it succeeds or fails. If a product is usable and intuitive, the end user can easily navigate your website or app and become ...

Web Accessibility, UX Research & Design

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