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    Michael Taylor

    My name is Michael Taylor and I am a marketing intern at Usablenet. I graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelors of business administration in marketing. I am blind, and use assistive technology each and every day to access the digital world. As a result, I am very passionate about web accessibility and usability. My experiences with the good and bad of accessible technology give me a unique perspective that allows me to make meaningful contributions in the digital accessibility field. During my marketing internship at Usablenet, I hope to raise awareness about digital accessibility by providing accounts of my personal experiences and suggestions and recommendations about what works well and what does not. Though I am only beginning on my professional journey, I aim to pursue a long-term career in the digital accessibility field.

    Recent Posts

    Digital Accessibility: learnings from a company doing it right

    In this blog, I discuss one of my favorite retail sites that I find very accessible. I cover six critical features of the site that are important for overall accessibility and ...
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    3 things a blind diner wishes restaurants knew about digital accessibility

    With Valentine's Day in the rearview mirror, I think it is the perfect time to discuss accessibility on restaurant websites. I and many others searched multiple restaurant sites ...
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    Healthcare & Web Accessibility: My experience as a blind patient

    As we move toward an increasingly digital future, the ability to manage your healthcare through internet sites and mobile apps is not a convenience but rather a necessity. We can ...
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    Common challenges I face when banking online as a blind customer

    Online banking is one of the most valuable features of the modern digital experience. The ability to check balances, pay bills, and send money from almost anywhere has drastically ...
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    3 common web accessibility errors on clothing sites [Guest Post]

    I love to shop. Lately, I've been doing more shopping online. Browsing products, comparing options, and making online purchases are simple tasks for most sighted users. Yet, I ...
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    Is that email accessible? My experience as a blind customer

    Over the past few months, I have had so many problems with email accessibility. One of my favorite online retailers offers an excellent digital experience for screen reader users ...
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    How to Start with Accessibility as your 2023 Resolution

    As we move into 2023, many of us are beginning to implement our New Year's resolutions. If you are thinking about digital accessibility as your resolution in 2023 but are unsure ...
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    Web Accessibility for the Fitness industry (Guest Post)

    Now that the holidays are over and we are into the new year, many people are looking for ways to turn over a new leaf in terms of personal health. Many people may consider a gym ...
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    Why App & Web Accessibility is Essential For Travel (Guest Post)

    The holiday travel season is in full swing. Now is the perfect time to discuss app and web accessibility on travel websites. As a blind assistive technology user, I'll focus this ...
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