Michael Taylor

My name is Michael Taylor and I am a marketing intern at Usablenet. I graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelors of business administration in marketing. I am blind, and use assistive technology each and every day to access the digital world. As a result, I am very passionate about web accessibility and usability. My experiences with the good and bad of accessible technology give me a unique perspective that allows me to make meaningful contributions in the digital accessibility field. During my marketing internship at Usablenet, I hope to raise awareness about digital accessibility by providing accounts of my personal experiences and suggestions and recommendations about what works well and what does not. Though I am only beginning on my professional journey, I aim to pursue a long-term career in the digital accessibility field.

Recent Posts

Ecommerce Accessibility: Lessons from Hardware Stores

Despite being blind, I enjoy taking on various DIY projects such as woodworking and minor around-the-house repairs. I regularly browse and purchase from hardware store websites—on ...


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Pop-up Accessibility and How to Make Pop-ups More Accessible

Website pop-up accessibility is a common digital accessibility issue that is vital to resolve in order for an inclusive web experience. Whether it's the infamous email sign-up ...

Web Accessibility

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Image Alt Text Best Practices For Web Accessibility

One point I have stressed in several previous blogs is the importance of alternative text image descriptions for website pictures and graphics. So much information is conveyed to ...

Web Accessibility

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How a Blind Person Uses a Website - Your Questions Answered

UsableNet recently did a webinar where a full-time screen reader user demonstrated interactions with websites to show sighted individuals how blind technology users navigate the ...

Web Accessibility, User Experience

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Web Accessible Button Design for Screen Readers

Buttons are an essential element of any website, program, or mobile application. They allow visitors to navigate the site, move back and forth between pages, and complete tasks. ...

Web Accessibility

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Web Accessibility Design Examples on Healthcare Websites (Guest Blog)

Digital accessibility is essential for individuals with disabilities to have the most significant degree of personal independence. This concept especially holds when it comes to ...

User Experience

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How The ADA & Technology Has Changed My Life (Guest Blog)

Wednesday is the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, in the United States. So, I want to consider how the ADA, technology, and digital accessibility ...

Web Accessibility, ADA Website Compliance

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Banking Online while Blind: 3 Best Practices for Web Accessibility

For a blind technology user like myself, one industry in which digital accessibility is of the utmost importance is online banking. Once I can manage my finances online, I can ...

Web Accessibility, User Experience, Financial Services

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Web Accessibility for Restaurants: 3 Best Practices (Guest Post)

Web and Digital Accessibility is essential for modern restaurants. In this post, I talk about web accessibility best practices for restaurants in key three areas, such as: how to ...

Web Accessibility, Restaurants

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