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Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor
My name is Michael Taylor and I am a marketing intern at Usablenet. I graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelors of business administration in marketing. I am blind, and use assistive technology each and every day to access the digital world. As a result, I am very passionate about web accessibility and usability. My experiences with the good and bad of accessible technology give me a unique perspective that allows me to make meaningful contributions in the digital accessibility field. During my marketing internship at Usablenet, I hope to raise awareness about digital accessibility by providing accounts of my personal experiences and suggestions and recommendations about what works well and what does not. Though I am only beginning on my professional journey, I aim to pursue a long-term career in the digital accessibility field.

Recent Posts

Navigating Accessibility Challenges on Mobile Event Ticket Websites

As technology expands into more areas of our lives, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are steadily becoming viable replacements for desktop systems due to their ...

Web Accessibility, Accessibility Testing, Ecommerce

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Enhancing Mobile Banking Accessibility for Screen Readers

Online banking is one of the most common tasks we perform on our mobile devices. According to a 2023 report by Statista, 75% of millennials and 68% of Gen Xers in the United ...

User Experience, Mobile, Financial Services

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Accessibility Challenges in Airline Ticket Booking on Mobile

With summer here, many people are starting to make and finalize their vacation plans. A major part of this process is browsing for and purchasing flight tickets. As mobile devices ...

Retail, User Experience

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Accessibility Challenges on Hotel Websites: A Mobile-Focused Lens

One industry that undoubtedly experiences increased business during the warm weather months is hotels and hospitality. Many people visit hotel websites as they try to plan that ...

Web Accessibility, User Experience, hospitality

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Insights from a Blind User: Online Banking Accessibility

For a blind technology user like myself, digital accessibility is paramount in online banking. Once I can manage my finances online, I can enjoy all the rest the Internet offers. ...

Web Accessibility, User Experience, Financial Services

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Common Accessibility Challenges On Coffee Shop Websites

The coffee shop craze is taking the food industry by storm, boasting over 35,000 establishments across the US. Whether it's a morning pick-me-up or a refreshing iced tea, these ...

Web Accessibility, User Experience, Restaurants

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Advancing Mobile App Accessibility: 3 Key Improvements

Today, I want to highlight an often-overlooked aspect of digital accessibility: mobile application accessibility. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. Additionally, many ...

Web Accessibility, User Experience

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3 Real Examples of Improved Accessibility on Clothing Websites

One area of retail in which online sales are becoming increasingly prevalent is clothing and apparel. The first time I wrote about online clothing shopping sites, I discussed ...

Web Accessibility, Retail

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Web Accessibility: A Guide for Restaurants in 2024

As more diners turn to online platforms to browse menus, place orders, and make reservations, accessibility for your restaurant's digital content has become paramount in 2024. ...

Web Accessibility, Restaurants

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