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    Founded in 2000, UsableNet created some of the first tools and platforms to make websites accessible and usable for all people. Starting out, we worked with government agencies as well as universities and corporations. Today, accessibility has become important to almost all companies. We provide accessibility solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, small and medium enterprises, government, and education organizations across industries including retail, travel, hospitality, food services, automotive, financial services, and healthcare.

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    ADA and Website Accessibility Recap - Q1 2023

    As the old saying goes, time flies when you're raising awareness about the importance of app and website accessibility and working toward making the digital world more inclusive. ...
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    Who's Who at CSUNATC 2023 (And how to find them)

    The 2023 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference (CSUNATC) in Anaheim is next week! For the uninitiated, CSUNTC is the premier forum that features technology and solutions for ...
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    11 UX Accessibility Best Practices for WCAG and ADA Compliance

    A product's user experience (UX) determines whether it succeeds or fails. If a product is usable and intuitive, the end user can easily navigate your website or app and become ...
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    7 facts your ecommerce company should know about ADA web lawsuits

    For companies selling consumer goods online in 2023, digital accessibility on your app, desktop, and mobile website is essential for all your customers to order from you. In ...
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    How reports & targets help enforce your accessibility initiative

    Reports and targets are two critical components of any accessibility program. Reports provide essential data on accessibility progress, while targets represent goals and ...
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    What is Manual Website Accessibility Testing? (And Why It’s Important)

    At UsableNet, we speak with a lot of companies that believe in accessibility but struggle to understand what’s required, how to test, and how to scale. This blog explains the ...
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    How to Set Up an Accessibility Program (Webinar Recap)

    A complete and comprehensive accessibility program is essential for a company to offer a unified, accessible, and usable digital experience to all individuals. Setting up a ...
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    2022 ADA Lawsuit Report: Insights for Business Leaders

    Every year, we look at ADA lawsuit filings to assess what’s happening with digital accessibility lawsuits and how businesses can be proactive about lawsuit mitigation. With our ...
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    4 Ways to Celebrate NDEAM after October

    October in the US is National Disability Employee Awareness Month (NDEAM). UsableNet celebrated NDEAM this year with our followers on social media by raising awareness about the ...
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