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    How a Blind Person uses a mobile Device

    Editor's Note: This blog is a summary of our November 12 Webinar, "How a Blind Person uses a Website on Mobile versus Desktop." Watch the webinar in full here.  As our world ...
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    6-Step Mobile App Accessibility Checklist

    As of midyear 2020, 20 percent of ADA digital lawsuits in federal court claimed apps were inaccessible. This unfortunate trend demands better resolution. More than ever, people ...
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    Accessibility Discussions to Have Before Developing a Killer Mobile App

    Your mobile app is a handheld extension of your company’s values. Customers of all abilities take it wherever they go and expect it to provide quality service, day and night. As ...
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    The Importance of Building Your Mobile App to WCAG 2.0 Standards

    From watches to TVs to your car dashboard, mobile technology now goes well beyond phones and tablets. Your audience expects a product or service that connects fluidly across ...
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    The First 2019 Mobile App ADA Claim is likely to be the first of many

    The first new ADA Lawsuit alleging ADA-discrimination based on mobile app accessibility was filed in March of 2019 in Pennsylvania. More claims are likely to follow as an ADA ...
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    Mobile App Accessibility Techniques for Inclusive Design: Part 3 [Blog]

    Though websites largely remain the focus for brands on the path to accessibility, mobile apps are also a crucial channel to consider. They drive more engagement, boost customer ...
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    Mobile App Accessibility Techniques for Inclusive Design: Part 2 [Blog]

    Even today, users with disabilities often face barriers when trying to shop, research or complete tasks on mobile apps. Those with auditory impairments often require captions or ...
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    Progressive Web Apps May (Finally) Settle the Mobile App v. Website Debate [Blog]

    Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the latest trend for companies looking to create a strong mobile presence that incorporates the best of both mobile web and app experiences. For ...
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    Industry Bites: March 2017 [Newsletter]

    In this issue:
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