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    ADA Accessibility Demand Letters: You Are A Target [Video]

    by UsableNet

    When was the last time your company tested for web accessibility? If the answer was more than 6 months ago, you could be at risk of receiving an Accessibility Demand Letter via private litigation.

    ADA Demand Letters are a lingering threat towards any company, large or small, with an online presence that has not adopted the higher standards in web accessibility (WCAG 2.0 AA).

    Richard Hunt, Civil Trial Attorney of Hunt Huey PLLC alongside Jason Taylor, Chief Innovation Officer at Usablenet provide an in-depth look into the strategies and actions needed to prepare for a potential ADA demand letter, and what you need to do to meet WCAG 2.0 AA requirements. 

    In addition to learning all about what's happening with the ADA and private litigation, what to do if you've received an ADA demand letter, and what to do to get an Accessibility Plan and Policy in place, Richard and Jason also answer more direct questions about accessibility that your firm could find useful as you defend against the demand letter brigade.

    View the ADA Accessibility Demand Letters: You Are A Target! webinar replay now.    

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