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    ADA Web Compliance: A Blind User's Experience

    by Stephanie West

    Editor's Note: The UsableNet Webinar, ADA Web Compliance: A User's Experience was summarized in DGREAD—a bi-weekly newsletter designed to inform, educate, update and sometimes entertain from DiMuroGinsberg PC.

    Marketing Director at DiMuroGinsberg, Stephanie West was kind enough to agree we could re-post the contents with special thanks to Stephanie and Jonathan Mook, whose quote is featured here. 

    A Blind Man and A Website

    What do you picture? A lot of trouble? You’d be right, if things are not accessible on the website. There are so many things to consider when making your website accessible.

    Are things easy to find? How close to the top is your navigation? Do links take folks to other urls? How does your code read? Does your site fit with most browsers?

    I recently attended a webinar presented by Jason Taylor, the Chief Innovation Strategist to the UsableNet CEO, with almost 20 years of experience in usability and accessibility. Also presenting was Joe Dinero, who is an Assistive Technology Specialist at Helen Keller Service for the Blind. Joe is also the Lead Digital Accessibility Tester for UsableNet. 

    The webinar was fascinating. They took us on a journey watching Joe try to navigate a site that, on the surface, looked perfectly fine, but when navigated with a screen reader, was a bit of a nightmare. It took at least ten minutes for Joe to find the navigation bar. The reader went to a bar below the navigation and kept reading that to us. He searched for other clues and was directed to links that took us off the site, to a twitter icon that doesn’t even register, to the logo that read code twice and finally to the bar. As he tabbed through the selections, one was skipped. Of course he didn’t know this.

    I found myself much more frustrated for him than he was for himself. And, this is a teacher that shows students how to use the readers on websites for a living. There are so many variables, I can’t imagine how individuals using the technology can learn them all, much less companies responsible for providing the technology, keeping up with accessibility.

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    According to the Midyear ADA Website and App Accessibility Report,  the flow of ADA web related lawsuits in 2019 has reached a rate of one lawsuit every working hour; that’s 8 a day, 40 a week and on pace for over 2,000 a year! 93% of cases from 2018 are already settled and the average case settles in 60 days. There are just not many ways to fight these cases. Consider that 48% of the top 500 internet retailers have been sued.

    Download the full report here >>

    Jonathan Mook, ADA expert at DiMuroGinsberg advised that with Website accessibility, you need to address regularly. "Being proactive vs. reactive is the best course of action."

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    Watch the Full Webinar, "ADA Compliance: A Blind User's Experience," On-demand now.


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