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    Tanner Gers joins UsableNet as Head of Partnerships

    by UsableNet

    UsableNet is pleased to announce our new Head of Partnerships, Tanner Gers. We caught up with Tanner a few days before Halloween to learn a little bit more about him and his role at UsableNet.

    Tanner HeadshotFirst order of business, Pumpkin Spice or Apple Cider?

    Apple cider, but vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is a staple for me.

    What did you do before joining UsableNet?

    I was head of sales for AFB Consulting, a division of the American Foundation for the Blind. Prior to AFB, I was Executive Director of My Blind Spot, a nonprofit consultancy based in New York.

    What’s a typical day at UsableNet for you?

    Fun, friends, and family. I am working my butt off every single day but it’s joyous for me. I truly enjoy what I’m doing, and have fun doing it, because my new friends at UsableNet are like my family. I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of a team, a culture, that’s so inclusive, supportive, and competitive.

    What do you like most about the company?

    It’s a tie between the people and the purpose. As I just mentioned, UsableNet is my work, family and friends. I couldn’t be happier working with everyone here. The opportunity to make the digital world more inclusive, our purpose, also means the world to me. Since joining the disability community as an adult, I know first-hand the life-changing value digital inclusion, and just inclusion in general, means to people like me. People who just happen to have a disability. We don’t just happen to make the digital world accessible. UsableNet enables people to live their fullest lives.

    What do you find most exciting about your job?

    I love people and sales. As head of partnerships, I get to combine both. Layered on top of that, pushing me is the friendly competitive spirit at UsableNet. We are aggressively going after our goals. Purposeful goals that sometimes results in people experiencing and feeling equitable outcomes, shopping online, booking travel, managing their finances, for the first time ever. And that’s inspiring.

    What you do when not at UsableNet?

    I’m a big self-development reader and life-long learner with an entrepreneurial heart. Recently, I just finished “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod, which is a gamechanger, absolutely soaked up every page of “Your Next 5 Moves” by Patrick Bet-David, who I deeply admire for his strategic thinking, tenacious work ethic and love his Youtube show, and I’ve read Chris Voss’s “Never Split the Difference” 7 times since it came out a couple years ago.

    Plus, I have a 2-year old daughter. I love watching her grow and do things for the first time. Seeing her play at the park, being there and enjoying that experience with her, is priceless.

    What did you go as for Halloween this year?

    This year, I’m going to be Daddy Shark.

    Welcome to the team, Tanner! We couldn't be more excited to have you!

    If Tanner's name sounds familiar to you, you may remember him from co-presenting with UsableNet during the virtual accessibility conference, A Future Date. Watch the session titled, "How to engage and employ users from the disability community in accessibility testing," and download the slides here.


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