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    TTC and UsableNet: A Partnership for Accessibility

    by UsableNet

    In 2020, after an exhaustive search for the right partner, TTC Global chose UsableNet for an exclusive partnership to support bringing digital access to the Australia/New Zealand region.

    Today, TTC offers UsableNet technologies to complement TTC's accessibility services. The following blog is a case study of the close partnership between TTC and UsableNet that has raised awareness of and brought progress in digital access to the southern hemisphere.. 

    Building A Partnership for Accessibility 

    The partnership with TTC brings UsableNet AQA's accessibility testing capabilities to the Australia and New Zealand regions.

    TTC is an award-winning, global IT consulting firm with offices worldwide, with its Head Office in New Zealand. TTC formed its global accessibility practice based in Australia to ensure that the conversation about digital accessibility could be woven into scoping conversations with clients at the senior leadership level.

    With this partnership, TTC is a power user of AQA for their clients. TTC / UsableNet's shared goals are to enable companies to embed accessibility into the way they work and to support organizations at any stage of their digital accessibility journey. In addition, UsableNet and TTC executives want to create a more accessible world by working with organizations globally.

    "We both understand the importance of shifting accessibility left and including people with disability in our work."

    -Matt Wiggins, CEO Australia, TTC Global

    A Positive Impact on Web Accessibility

    UsableNet and TTC have gone the extra mile to support ANZ customers. So, for example, we implemented an on-premise configuration of AQA for one of the big four banks in Australia.

    "We believe it is imperative to raise awareness about accessibility with our clients and to provide them the opportunity to shift accessibility left and factor it in from the beginning,"

    -Matt Wiggins, CEO Australia, TTC Global

    Together, TTC and UsableNet have substantially impacted accessibility on several websites in the region, including the Australian Network on Disability (AND) website.

    AND required the website to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA level of compliance. The user experience needed to be inclusive and accessible.

    Today AND has a website compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA and plans to maintain accessibility compliance. With UsableNet AQA testing and monitoring for accessibility and WCAG compliance ongoing, TTC will continue to support the accessibility of AND's website in the future.

    "We are thrilled to work with TTC and UsableNet to hit our key objective, which is accessibility."

    - Amy Whalley, Former Deputy CEO at Australian Network on Disability

    Putting Progress into Perspective: Accessibility in Australia and New Zealand

    In the southern hemisphere, many significant initiatives and work programs are underway to ensure accessibility and digital inclusion. For example, the New Zealand and Australian Governments both focus on providing websites and digital content to achieve Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) compliance.

    The New Zealand Government is currently placing focus on guidelines to support achievement. The Australian Government has adopted AS EN 301 54 to procure accessible ICT. Government agencies and private sector organizations in Australia and New Zealand are committed to progressing access and inclusion through Access and Inclusion plans. These plans also include digital accessibility commitments and actions.

    Awareness of digital accessibility is essential across the region. Advances and conversations are underway, and increasingly organizations have digital accessibility on their radar. 

    Looking Ahead: What's Next for TTC and UsableNet?


    TTC and UN are committed to their partnership and continuing to bring innovation and expertise to Australia and New Zealand.

    "We have experienced progress in public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Feedback from clients about AQA and its reporting capability has been outstanding. We look forward to enabling more teams to embark or progress on their digital accessibility journey"

    -Samantha Dancey, Global Accessibility Practice Lead, TTC Global

    Make an Impact on Accessibility in Your region 

    If you are in Australia and New Zealand and are interested in improving digital accessibility in the region by enhancing accessibility at your organization, reach out to TTC through their Global Accessibility Practice Lead, Samantha Dancey. Click here to email Samantha, Global Accessibility Practice Lead at TTC. 

    UsableNet's partnership with TTC is one of several partnership initiatives to make a real impact on digital accessibility around the globe. UsableNet has helped hundreds of organizations make their websites and apps accessible for 20 years. 

    Contact UsableNet if your company is interested in partnering with an experienced leader in the accessibility space. We may be the right partner to help you bring digital access and inclusion to your market.

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