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    UsableNet Announces Partnership with American Foundation for the Blind to Enhance Web Accessibility

    by UsableNet

    UsableNet Inc., a leading provider of digital accessibility and usability solutions, today announced it has partnered with AFB Consulting, the consulting arm of the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), to deliver user testing from the disability community alongside UsableNet’s best-in-class technology for a comprehensive approach to digital accessibility.

    How Will the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) partner with UsbaleNet? 

    AFB Consulting will offer user testing services in tandem with UsableNet to allow organizations in the higher education and government sectors to ensure they are thoroughly testing and documenting usability and accessibility, in addition to meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance for their websites and mobile apps. 

    “Through this unique partnership, UsableNet will expand its options for clients that want to include feedback from stakeholders of their accessibility efforts,” said Chris Werely, UsableNet Director of Business Development. “We believe that AFB Consulting is uniquely positioned to bring meaningful experience, resources, and value to our clients.”

    How will UsableNet Technology support AFB clients?

    As part of the offering, results from AFB’s testers will be documented directly into UsableNet AQA, an accessibility management platform. Customers will benefit from both user testing feedback as well as WCAG test results, ultimately improving both usability and accessibility.

    “Ensuring that people with disabilities can intuitively navigate a company’s website or mobile apps as designed and intended should be a priority for businesses with intelligent digital inclusion strategies,” said Tanner Gers, Business Development Lead for AFB Consulting. "AFB’s new partnership with UsableNet is going to produce improved digital inclusion for clients and support our mission of helping our clients and partners advance and exceed their accessibility and disability-inclusion goals.”

    UsableNet and AFB Consulting also recently collaborated to produce the April 2020 webinar "How and Why to Engage Testers from the Disability Community."

    About UsableNet
    UsableNet is a global technology leader in digital inclusion and usability. For more than 20 years, companies around the globe have relied on UsableNet to improve their website and mobile app accessibility. We provide accessibility solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, small/medium enterprises, government, and education organizations across industries including retail, travel, hospitality, food services, automotive, financial services and healthcare

    About the American Foundation for the Blind
    Founded in 1921, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) is a national nonprofit that creates a world of no limits for people who are blind or visually impaired. AFB mobilizes leaders, advances understanding, and champions impactful policies and practices using research and data. AFB is proud to steward the Helen Keller Archive, maintain and expand the digital collection, and honor the more than 40 years that Helen Keller worked tirelessly with AFB. Visit: www.afb.org

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