UsableNet is now a Microassist Partner

By UsableNet on Sep 23, 2021
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UsableNet is teaming up with Microassist to offer an integrated approach to digital accessibility for organizations across government, education, and private industry sectors!

MicroAssist Announces Partnership with UsableNet. Digital Accessibility Pioneers combine cost-effective tools and expertise to test, fix an track accessibility compliance faster.
We at UsableNet are thrilled to announce our partnership with Microassist, a leading provider of digital accessibility and usability services. Microassist announced the big news on Tuesday, read about this new partnership in full here.

Microassist is a trusted partner and an award-winning provider of accessible solutions for websites, training platforms, government procurement of assistive technology, and open-source products with 20 years of experience in accessibility.

UsableNet will supplement Microassist’s digital accessibility testing, remediation, and consulting services by providing access to UsableNet AQA, our accessibility management platform, to help clients improve and monitor digital accessibility.

“UsableNet is a valued partner of Microassist. The UsableNet team has an in-depth understanding of digital accessibility and their employees and products are focused on providing the best user experience for their clients. In addition to being a partner to UsableNet, Microassist is also a client and user of the UsableNet AQA product,” said Jack McElaney, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Microassist.

McElaney continued, “We have found that AQA allows our team to find, fix, test, and report on accessibility much faster with less overhead and it tracks accessibility progress over time. AQA is one of the best testing solutions available in the accessibility industry.”

Tanner Gers, Head of Partnership for UsableNet said, 

“Through this unique partnership, we are establishing an all-inclusive accessibility offering specifically designed for the needs of agencies in the public sector.”

Tanner continued, “Our collaboration with Microassist demonstrates our commitment to digital accessibility for all, and also our holistic, innovative accessibility solutions for our clients and the disability community is the differential.”

Accessibility compliance: an integrated approach

Benefits of using the integrated accessibility approach of Microassist’s industry expertise teamed with the effectiveness of UsableNet’s AQA platform include:

  • Ability to identify both automated and manual errors; 

  • Automate the user journey testing;

  • Easy-to-use screen reader and assistive technology testing;

  • Ticketing and build system integrations;

  • Fantastic reporting for stakeholders and tech teams.

“With this Software-as-a-Service, government users get comprehensive, actionable reports that are faster and with less overhead than traditional Section 508 compliance audits and tools,” shared George Spohn, Director of Business Development for Microassist’s Federal Solutions Group. “Many users offer that AQA is easy to learn and use regardless of prior accessibility testing knowledge.”

To read more about this partnership, check out the announcement on Microassist's website



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