For Utilities, Low Effort, High Value Techniques are Key to the Mobile Experience [Blog]

By UsableNet on Sep 17, 2014
Topics: Mobile Web


As consumers increasingly turn to smartphones as their preferred medium for interaction, service providers are expected to offer users seamless mobile experiences with quick access to information and account services. While revamping a mobile presence seems like a tall order, there are many low effort ways utilities can enhance user experiences, encouraging repeat visits and higher power scores.

Here are a few easy ways to implement strategies any utility company can take advantage of.

To revamp their mobile presence, it’s essential for utilities to first identify target users and define their ideal experiences. Creating resources designed with the consumer in mind allows utility companies to power enriching experiences that play upon the needs of their audiences. By identifying these preferences, providers can create a roadmap that outlines the technologies and strategies required to reach those mobile goals.

From a B2C standpoint, creating and paying special mind to a mobile-specific storm center is way to enhance your mobile experience while catering to an audience in their time of need. When storms strike and the power goes out, consumers lose access to their desktops and the information stored there. Since a small percentage of tablets possess 3G and 4G capabilities, consumers must rely on their phones to access their accounts and reach pivotal points of information. Storm centers should consider consumer location and implement social experiences to provide comprehensive, user-friendly experiences for subscribers. These tactics will demonstrate a readiness to aid consumers in situations where mobile becomes a lifeline, heightening brand loyalty and overall customer satisfaction. Utility providers should also understand their spectrum of users and the different potential use cases of their mobile presence. The way one will interact with their utility will be very different when they’re sitting at home and perusing information versus when they’re walking to work and need to pay their bill.

Finally, it’s important to ensure all facets of a brand’s presence are performing up to par. Often, utility providers look to incorporate third party sites and services into a mobile experience. Whether a provider is running a Facebook campaign or purchasing a mobile ad on Pandora, it’s important to ensure each of these pieces of mobile content integrate in the right way and provide exemplary experiences. It’s one thing to be talking about how great these opportunities are, but since most of that content is being consumed via mobile, tune into what works, what falls short and how to overcome those setbacks.

By considering small scenarios within your mobile presence and identifying ways to create more seamless experiences, brands can amp up their mobile site, create positive user experiences and ultimately drive greater loyalty.



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