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    Making Mobile Work for Utilities [Video]

    by UsableNet

    Users’ high expectations on mobile are growing alongside widespread mobile adoption. Meeting these expectations and creating dynamic experiences to engage the mobile customer are key to ensuring customer satisfaction and building loyalty. This is especially imperative for the Utility industry. While mobile traffic to Utility sites has doubled in the last year (J.D. Power), over 40% of utilities do not yet have a mobile optimized site. Exceptional mobile performance could make or break a utility’s brand reputation during a storm or outage, when mobile becomes a lifeline for Utility customers.

    On Wednesday, November 19th, we hosted a webinar on best practices to leverage mobile for Utilities, featuring PSEG’s (Public Service Electric and Gas Company) Manager of Customer Technology, Tracy Kirk, alongside Usablenet’s Regional Director, Chris Werely. Benefits of watching this webinar include:
    • Hearing the first-hand account of PSEG’s execution of a successful mobile strategy
    • Understanding mobile as a strategy, rather than a channel, with tips on how best to leverage mobile for utilities
    • Recognizing the importance of complete mobile-centricity in site design and within an organization in order to reach and engage customers

    To learn more about these tips and PSEG’s mobile strategy, access a recording of the live event here.

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