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ADA and Website Accessibility Recap - Q1 2023

By UsableNet on Mar 14, 2023
Topics: Web Accessibility


As the old saying goes, time flies when you're raising awareness about the importance of app and website accessibility and working toward making the digital world more inclusive. It's hard to believe we're halfway through March and almost the first quarter of 2023.

So much has happened, and it can be challenging to stay updated. With this blog post, we want to make it easy to read insights, digital accessibility best practices, news, and thought leadership from the first few months of 2023 - all in one place. 

Keep reading for a curated collection of our social media posts from January, February, and March 2023, and let us know if you want to see more posts like this in the future!

UsableNet's Top Posts on ADA, WCAG, and Digital Accessibility

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference - March 13th - 17th, 2023

Elias Payne, Michele Lucchini, Brooke Porter, Jeff Adams, and Darcy Cottrell will all be at booth 219 for the CSUN Assistive Technologies Conference March 13th - 17th, 2023!  Stop by and meet the team!

We're going to CSUNATC! Join us March 13-17 for fun, engaging, and meaningful conversations about digital accessibility, highlighted with presentations by Jeff Adams, CPACCMichele LucchiniGiacomo Petri, and Enrico Scoda! #CSUNATC23


Watch our on-demand webinar 'Web Accessibility for ECommerce: A Blind Customer's Perspective featuring Jason Taylor and Joe DiNero

Webinar - Web Accessibility for ECommerce: A Blind Customer's Perspective

"Why is the e-commerce industry most targeted for digital ADA lawsuits? Learn more about ADA trends, see how a blind person uses your e-commerce website, and see how you can you reduce your risk of receiving these lawsuits with our webinar 'Web Accessibility for ECommerce: A Blind Customer's Perspective. Watch on-demand now."

Blog - Accessible Web Design for All Types of Users

"February is low vision awareness month - a month to share stories of low vision users. When we think of accessibility, we may not immediately think about those with low vision. Read our article highlighting considerations you should make for all types of vision."

ADA Title III Crystal Ball: What's Ahead for 2023?

"We predict another busy year on all fronts as DOJ continues to push its regulatory and enforcement agenda." Read Seyfarth Shaw LLP's recap of 2022, and what they predict will happen in 2023you might think that when you test for accessibility, you are testing for usability and vice versa, but there are key distinctions between the two that require different sets of tests. Read more about the differences between accessibility and usability."

2022 ADA Web and App Lawsuit Report - Widgets

The number of lawsuits against companies using widgets: January: 31; February: 44; March: 67; April: 36; May: 73; June: 85; July: 37; August: 38; September: 40; October: 37; November: December: 43.

"The number of lawsuits featuring a widget increased by over 100 in 2022, with roughly 400 lawsuits mentioning a widget. Avoid using accessibility widgets, as they create more blockers for those in the disability community and do not make your site more usable."

New Featured Resource - Marketer's Guide to Accessibility

"FACT: Marketers control an organization’s digital presence, and with that power comes great responsibility. Download "The Marketer’s Guide to Accessibility” now.

Download Now: 2023 Midyear report on ADA digital accessibility lawsuits

Jason Taylor's Top Posts on WCAG and Digital Accessibility:

Jason Taylor is the Chief Innovation Strategist for UsableNet and works closely with our CEO, Nick Taylor. Jason has been in the digital accessibility space for over 20 years and brings a valuable perspective to digital accessibility news. Keep reading for a round-up of his most popular social media posts on ADA Web Accessibility and Digital Accessibility. 


Free Webinar "How to Set Up User Testing As Part of Accessibility Program"

"Now free on-demand my webinar with Jennifer Rusie of Jackson Lewis P.C. where she gives her legal viewpoint on what drove the trends in ADA web and app lawsuits in 2022. 
We will cover: 
- Findings from our 2022 lawsuit report: key trends and what companies need to know 
- A review of the legal landscape and how it's impacting businesses 
- The government's response to the rise in lawsuits and its impact on claims  
- What companies should do if they receive a lawsuit 
- How to decrease your risk and create a more accessible experience for your customers"

"This Is WCAG"

" Useful WCAG breakdown and filtering here for free. It can help organizations get a grip and focus. Filters that help you focus on content only (maybe for your marketing team) or filter out dynamic content to leave to your Dev team."

"Bell faces human rights complaint over allegations of inaccessibility for blind customers"

"A reminder that digital accessibility is not just about websites. The new lawsuit targets digital control of streaming TV. There are many other digital interfaces we have to ensure are fully accessible to all."

"What's New in WCAG 2.2 Draft"

"Get to know WCAG 2.2 changes - soon it will be published as the prevailing standard- here is a great summary of what’s new."

UsableNet Blog - "Healthcare & Web Accessibility: My Experience as a Blind Patient"

"Calling all Healthcare website team members, great practical personal rundown but Michael Taylor. He explored six leading healthcare sites and found lots of common accessibility barriers that could easily be improved"

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These articles reflect the current accessibility lawsuit trends and the importance of implementing user testing as part of your accessibility strategy. Don't forget to follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest digital accessibility news!

We'll finish the quarter by co-hosting a new webinar on March 29th featuring Martin Krezalek, Partner at Blank Rome, Understanding the DOJ Guidance on Web Accessibility: One Year Later - Sign up for the webinar here.

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