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Best UX: What to Focus on? [Blog]

By UsableNet on Oct 6, 2014
Topics: Mobile Web, UX Research & Design


In a world where first impressions mean everything and one in five millennials will only wait two seconds for a mobile site to load, it’s more important than ever that brands fine-tune their user experience and provide seamless, delightful experiences. When a bad experience can mean a lost sale and a delightful experience can make a lifelong customer, so much depends on the UX of mobile web.

In our latest webinar, Adrian Green, Global Director of UX at Usablenet, shared four pivotal UX principles for designers crafting mobile experiences with an aim towards providing a pleasurable user experience: understanding of context of use, the need for simplicity, the need for consistency and the importance of aesthetic integrity.

When it’s working at its best, contextual design is invisible to the consumer because it’s catering to their needs, understanding when, where and why users are accessing their site - before users even realize it. Brands that understand context of use not only create memorable experiences for mobile shoppers, but see a number of business benefits, including increased revenue, bolstered loyalty and repeat visits.

Simplicity is crucial in UX design. Gone are the days when consumers were exposed to a mere 500 brand messages a day - the average consumer views something closer to 5000 messages each day. To carve out a meaningful relationships in all that noise, brands must incorporate design that is psychologically pleasing and assures ease of access.

Likewise, a brand’s mobile presence should be consistent in all respects, from what copy language is used to where content is placed. When mobile web design is inconsistent, users are more likely to leave a session confused, leading to poor experiences. Similarly, UX designers should take great measures to ensure aesthetic integrity. The best UX design places an emphasis on quality, paying attention to different use cases and designing with the user in mind.

Adhering to these principles - understanding context, keeping things simple and consistent, and adhering to aesthetic integrity - can help brands revamp their mobile experience in the most beneficial way to their audiences and thus encourage increased loyalty, future engagement and rewarding experiences.

For further insights, tune into Part 2 of our Best-in-Class series: Four Principles That Guide Design for Mobile Experiences, now available for streaming, and be sure to attend the finale of our series, coming November 5.



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