4 Common Objections When Selling Digital Accessibility as an Agency

By Tanner Gers on Jan 13, 2021
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Marketing agencies that understand the benefits of web accessibility know that ADA digital accessibility and WCAG compliance represents a huge revenue opportunity for digital agencies in 2021. 
But how do you sell it? How do you overcome objections and effectively communicate the business case for digital accessibility?

If you’re new to digital accessibility or WCAG compliance, check out this on-demand webinar on the benefits of creating more inclusive digital experiences for your clients. 

Quickly, here’s a couple facts behind why digital accessibility will be important in 2021. 
So, how do you sell digital accessibility to your customers and prospects?
Here are the four most common client objections to the benefits of digital accessibility, and how your agency can overcome them.

1. "No One Has Ever Complained About Our Website Accessibility."

Customer: No one has complained to us about our mobile app or web accessibility.
You: That seems strange as 20% of the US population has a disability. Why do you think you’ve never heard about this from any customer?
Customer: Probably because our website is accessible.
You: Let me ask you this. If a visitor is unable to reach your “Contact Us” page, access the customer service email, or the help desk, how would they tell you about the problems with your website’s accessibility?
Not hearing from your customers with disabilities, doesn’t mean they haven’t tried to reach you and or buy from you. 
Imagine increasing your potential customer base by 20% with digital accessibility. I like the sound of that.

2. "We sell flying lessons, paintings, etc. Why does our website or App need to be accessible to the blind?"

Customer: People with disabilities, especially those who are blind, don’t buy what we sell. Why do we need to be accessible?
You: That’s a great question. But why would you want to exclude anyone from buying from you?
Customer: I don't want to exclude anyone, but blind people don't use our products.
You: What if a blind person wanted to buy for their friends, family or children?
I’m not interested in the Opera or theatre, but my wife is. I don’t play video games, but my nieces and nephews do. I don't want to pilot a plane, but it's one of my brother's goals.
If you sell online, people have the legal right to buy from you if they have a disability. This is the driving force behind the more than 3,000 ADA lawsuits in 2020 for digital accessibility.

3. "We don’t have the budget or resources right now."

Customer: This is on our radar, but we can’t fit it in. We have no budget or internal resources.
You: Tell me more about that. Is it that business is down and you’re cutting back on team resources?
Customer: No, we’re slammed right now. I don’t think I could put something new on our plate with everything being so busy.
You: That makes sense. If there was a technology you could leverage to save time and resources that also increased your top line, would that be worth taking a look at?
Everybody loves saving time. Most business leaders also appreciate supporting customers in ways that increase top line revenue
Problems are only problems if you don’t have the tools to fix them.  
Give them the tools. Make their lives easier.

4. "We’ve already got an AI powered accessibility widget/overlay on our website. We’re good."

You: Can you tell me more about that?
Customer: Well… AI, it makes all the fixes for accessibility. So, we’re accessible.
You: I understand. How are you validating that the tool you’re relying on is actually working like you think it is?
Customer: I don’t know.
You: Do you mind if we use some of the technology we leverage to test it? It will only take a second and I can do it right now. *Click click* can you see my screen?
“AI powered” accessibility widgets or overlays don’t make websites accessible. Less than 30% of digital accessibility can be fixed using automation and or artificial intelligence alone. Your website or digital property requires human intervention to achieve WCAG compliance.
Learn more about accessibility testing. Download our free guide. 

What Can agencies do to provide digital accessibility solutions?

Accessibility can seem challenging but it has a method and a process. There are technologies that you can leverage to create an accessible website for your clients and an inclusive experience for their customers. 

Start monetizing, delivering and making digital accessibility easy for your customers, contact us.

If you're looking to learn more about the benefits of offering digital accessibility to your clients, check out our on-demand webinar, What Digital Agencies Need to Know about Website and App Accessibility. 
Tanner Gers

Tanner Gers

Tanner Gers is Head of Partnerships at UsableNet. After losing his sight as an adult, Tanner helped develop software so people who are blind or visually impaired could independently access calculus equations, directed the implementation of an accessible job board to people with disabilities for the state of Arizona, and served on the Arizona Governor’s Council Employment Committee for Blindness and Visual Impairment. Tanner is also a competitive athlete in multiple sports. He is considered one of the greatest batters in the history of the National Beep Baseball Association (the adaptive version of baseball for the blind) as a six-time NBBA All-Star and three-time World Series MVP, and a 2011 and 2012 US Paralympic Track and Field National Team Member. He is also a 2011 ParaPan American Games gold medalist and 2012 trials gold medalist in the long jump, a 2012 US Paralympian in long jump and 4X100m relay, a 2013 World Championship US Track and Field long jumper, and the 2015 and 2016 National Champion in track cycling. His athletic career opened the doors for his professional speaking career, with programs delivered at companies, universities, and associations across the country, including the National Speakers Association National Headquarters, Dartmouth College, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Wounded Warriors, Ford, and Toyota, to name just a few.

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