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    Shift To User-Centered Design If You Want Your Brand To Succeed In Mobile [Blog]

    by UsableNet

    The speed of mobile adoption and ever-rising customer expectations, driven by technology are changing the way brands compete today. Mobile has become consumer’s preferred medium for interactions with brands, from customer service to shopping to social sharing and beyond. Mobile’s proximity to consumers, along with its potential to deliver experiences tailored to their needs and preferences, mean that basic, utilitarian mobile experiences are no longer enough. Brands must make the shift to user-centered design and highly optimized experiences that enhance customer engagement and encourage frequent interactions. In a recent interview with Skift, David Kong, CEO of Best Western International, identified connecting with multi-tasking guests effectively on mobile as part of a winning formula for the Best Western brand.

    The shift to digital and therefore the imperative to create compelling experiences on mobile is the subject of a recent article in Digital Marketing Magazine. In the article, our CMO Carin van Vuuren offers a framework for brands to consider when designing a mobile strategy, honing in on the importance of the overall user journey and adjusting design for context and performance accordingly. A good UX design strategy is not a linear, one-time process, but rather a constant evolution in which iterative improvements are made to ensure the experience is always optimized to balance achieving user goals with context and device interface.

    Read more about how brands can create user-centered experiences at Digital Marketing Magazine: “The Importance of User-Centered Design.”

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