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    The ABCs of WCAG... and why it matters [Video]

    by UsableNet

    The internet has transformed the way we work, live and play. And while digital accessibility has improved, people with vision, hearing, cognitive and physical impairments are often not able to access websites and apps fully and easily. 

    Legislation such as the ADA in the US and the Equality Act in the UK regulate equal access, while the W3C created WCAG to set a technical standard for web accessibility. With lawsuits targeting web accessibility on the rise, every Digital Marketer, eCommerce and Customer Experience leader should be familiar with the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (2.0 AA). 

    View our webinar to learn:

    • A high-level overview of the essentials of web accessibility every executive should know
    • Four WCAG 2.0 principles and examples of correct/incorrect applications
    • Actionable steps to address accessibility issues



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