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    Dell and Usablenet Announce Partnership to Deliver End-to-End Solutions for Mobile [Blog]

    by Usablenet

    We’re thrilled to announce that nearly a decade after first becoming a Usablenet client, the partnership between Usablenet and Dell has been strengthened by Dell Services becoming a systems integrator for Usablenet implementations. The partnership adds Usablenet’s technology platform to Dell’s end-to-end solutions, making it possible for Dell to help customers build and implement mobile sites, apps and workload-specific enterprise mobility solutions on the award-winning Usablenet platform.

    With more than two billion smartphone users worldwide, mobile is at the forefront of growth initiatives for all companies, big and small alike. “Today there are many companies who are behind in mobile, and who need to develop and execute their mobile enterprise strategy quickly and effectively,” said our CEO Nick Taylor. “It is important to have a partner who not only is very experienced in guiding enterprise mobile strategies, but has the ability to deliver mobile solutions to fit the needs of each business. We look forward to the partnership with Dell that will create value through improving their internal capabilities and supporting their customers on mobile. Dell is a dynamic leader in technology and services, and we are very excited to partner with them to deliver comprehensive mobile and multi-channel solutions."

    As a result of the partnership, Dell Services will be able to harness the power of the Usablenet platform to deliver mobile solutions and enterprise services to their clients, including:

    • UX services to research and design an award-winning mobile user experiences;
    • Mobile Experiences, including consumer-facing mobile sites, employee productivity apps, enterprise applications and experiences on interactive kiosks;
    • APIs and web services to enable multichannel applications and legacy integration.

    Dell Services Executive Director Raman Sapra commented, “A core part of our strategy is partnering with the industry’s best providers….so we have the breadth of capabilities that will meet our customers’ needs, regardless of their stage of development and current partners. Usablenet broadens our enterprise mobility capabilities and helps us deliver the best mobility services to our customers.”

    We’re excited about the partnership and look forward to working together to lead the way in creating compelling and valuable mobile and multi-channel experiences for Dell and Usablenet clients.

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